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DeFi-ing Challenges

  • DeFi is hard to navigate and requires constant,
    full-time monitoring
  • A diversified rule-based DeFi portfolio requires
    consistent and sophisticated benchmarking.
  • Market caps of most governance tokens are
    unsustainable due to dilutive liquidity mining
    programs. Protocol yields need to originate
    from real use-cases not inflationary tokenomics.



  • Market-proven and back-tested DeFi strategies
  • User-friendly alpha products
  • Standardized benchmarking methodology
  • Index based options and structured products

We are commited to contribute to the onboarding of 1 billion active DeFi users, by bringing the best from TradFi to crypto.


Our Products



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Rule Based Strategies

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Structured Products

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The best of Teragon
Teragon Managed Vault

Teragon Managed Philosophy:
The autonomous web3 asset management solution
  • Diversified
  • Asymmetric long term bets
  • Algorithmically managed
  • Yield driven
Crypto native professionals
  • Multi strategy trading
  • Market making
  • Treasury management
  • Products structuring

Network Integrations

A platform available throughout the entirety of DeFi

Our Mission

Teragon's mission is to offer all the benefits of crypto asset investment simply and with less risk than outright
buying and holding. We provide vaults that algorithmically invest, take profits, earn yield on free cash, and
hedge risk. Our vaults contain indices of similar asset classes from major chains, DeFi, GameFi or specific chain
ecosystems. Simply deposit into the vault that matches your needs and we will take care of the rest!

Crypto is complicated. We
make it simple.

Introducing Teragon Indices

Indices are a popular financial instrument that allow investing into broad areas with a single asset. S&P500, Russell1000 and DJIA are popular examples in stocks. Teragon aims to create well reasoned indices in crypto...

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Algorithmic Investing: A Balanced Strategy by Teragon

High returns are often accompanied by volatility and uncertainty that can push investors out early or cause them to continue holding through significant downturns. The goal of Teragon is to smooth out this volatility...

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Teragon Launch : Introducing Teragon Managed Vault

Teragon is built on three core principles: indexing top crypto tokens, algorithmic investing, & structured products. Our 1st vault is now live on Avalanche & will be actively managed by SkyHopper & his team at Bastion...

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